1949 Born in Iwama in Ibaragi Prefecture
  1962 Joined Aikido Iwama dojo and began to practice Aikido under the founder Morihei Ueshiba
  1966 Granted 2nd Dan from the founder
  1969 The founder passed awy
  1981 As an Aikido instructor, taught Aikido in the US (Hawaii & California) and New Zealand
  1983 Founded Aikido Miura and instructed in the Police dojo and Miura municipal gymnasium
  1991 Granted 6th Dan from 2nd Doshu (chairman of the Aikikai)
  1992 Became a member of Miura Amateur Sports Association.
  2008 Opened Ushio-Juku dojo in Setagaya-ward in Tokyo
  2010 Granted 7th Dan from 3rd Doshu
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